salam and hye to all readers…

Marjon 2 was so busy and anxious about the final exam which officially ended on 20th May 2010.

We have gave our very best for the exam and we hope the effort will be paid with success. But of course, it is important for us to pray hard and ‘tawakal’ for the effort that we had done.

We have gone through so many things together as a ‘friend’, ‘group’, ‘siblings’ and ‘companion’. May Allah blesses us and hope that  all of us can fly to UK.

Now, we have to settle some forms for the departure. 10 of us are willing to stay to help the secretariate.

Thanks to:

  1. Aisyah Afifah
  2. Hafidzatun Nadwa
  3. Nadiah Sahum
  4. Nik Nursyamimi
  5. Nurhana
  6. Nurul Husna
  7. Syahidah Zulkifli
  8. Rogayah
  9. Ummi Nadzirah
  10. Zaireen Ainn

Today, We cleaned our class as it will be locked and may have visitors in the future (it will be kept as  some sort of ‘museum’).

Can’t wait to know about our result and quite worry about it too.

Pray for our success!

success comes after hardwork

  • Nik Nursyamimi bt Zakaria
  • Marjon 2 Board and Blog Committee
  • humaira1990@gmail.com


May peace be upon you and salam satu 1 malaysia. salam perpaduan.

Marjon 2 has been quite busy these few weeks. So, sorry for not updating the blog. New updates will be put up soon. Please be patient. TQ.

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  • Nik Nursyamimi bt Zakaria
  • Marjon 2 Board and Blog Committee,
  • humaira1990@gmail.com