When Farewell was Bidden~

Assalamualaikum and good day to all~

Sorry for the late update..

We are so busy and at current, we are being up to sorting out pre-departure things…

so, lets get back t our business….

As you can see above, our today’s post is “when farewell was bidden”…

I purposely choose to write on this topic in conjunction with our latest(not really latest) activity, the “Lambaian Kasih Program”…It was held on the 3rd June 2010 to 5th June 2010 which was from Thursday to Saturday..

This  programme was organised to give enough exposure to the parents as well as MARJON 2 students about what our study in the UK is all about..other than that, it was also held to give opportunity to the parents to interact and communicate with the administrators, IPGKB lecturers, officer from the Scholarship Division as well as representatives from UCP MARJON. In order to meet the objectives of the programme, several activities and slots had been conducted. Below is the report on each session conducted:


Date/Day  : 3rd-4th June 2010/Thursday and Friday

Venue       : Dataran Raudhah

Basically, the registration counter was opened on Thursday and Friday. Not many of the parents managed to turn up on Thursday.  Before the registration process began, the volunteers from PPISMP TESL 1 had successfully distributed their task. Some of them stayed at the entrance while some of them were busy controlling the traffic and giving the directions to the parents. Overall, all of the parents felt happy and they were being welcomed in a friendly manner. Credit to the volunteers of TESL PPISMP 1.


Date/Day : 4th June 2010 /Friday

Venue     : Dewan GERKO

This session was basically held to give exposure to the parents on how to contact their sons and daughters when they are in the UK soon.  Compared to telephone calls, chatting using Skype, Yahoo Messenger or others is much cheaper.  In order to ensure that this session succeeded, MARJON 2 students had given their personal laptop to be kept with the TESL 1 volunteers.  The person in charge at that time who was Wan, taught the parents on how to use Skype. They also learn how to chat using the web camera.  In addition, two of MARJON 1 students including Hyder Haaziq Hyder Shahrom, was willing to be online live from the UK at that time and chat with the parents in the hall.


Date/Day : 4th June 2010/ Friday

Venue      : Dewan GERKO

The main objective of this session is actually to give the parents idea about UCP MARJON so that they will understand and know more about the B.Ed TESL Overseas Link programme.  Hence, the coordinator of this programme in MARJON, Mr. Steve Ansell, had been invited to brief the parents about what this programme is all about.  Most of the parents really enjoyed themselves during this session because this was their first time in life having conversation directly with the British people.  Mr. Ansell was also good in terms of his presentation. He used simple language that could be understood by the parents.  He also showed some pictures of MARJON to the parents. At the end of the session, many of the parents asked questions to him. Overall, this session has benefited all of the parents.


Date/Day   : 4th June 2010/Friday

Venue       : Masjid As-Solihin

This session was organised to the Muslims only. After the sunset, the parents came to the mosque and together performed the prayers. They also recited the Yassin. Ustaz Ridhuan from PISMP MUZIK/BM/BI Semester 1 was invited to be the imam to lead the session. In addition, some of the lecturers also turn up and gave their full commitment.


Date/Day   : 5th June 2010/ Saturday

Venue       : Dewan GERKO

According to the earlier plan, an officer from the Scholarship Division from the Ministry of Education was supposed to give his talk during this session. Unfortunately, he could not manage to come. However, the respective committee had come with an alternative plan which was to conduct the session by using video conferencing via mobile phone. Luckily the plan succeeded.  Before the session began, the officer, Mr Zulkifli, managed to send his presentation to Mdm Nori to be photocopied and distributed to the parents.  Overall, the parents gave positive responds to the session and inquired many questions This session has benefited everyone including the students.


Date/Day   : 5th June 2010/ Saturday

Venue       : Dataran Ilmu 2

This session was organized to give the students some simple but delicious recipe that they can cook in the UK during their study.  In addition, the parents can also gain new experience and knowledge on how to prepare different types of food.  Some parents which were Mdm Fazilah binti Halim (Najihah’s mother) and Mdm Nurshatriah Lee binti Abdullah (Syahidah’s Mother) were very fond enough to teach everybody and how to cook different type of menus such as Sweet and Sour.  The director of IPGKB, Mr Hashim Deraman had also come and cooked ‘Tomyam’. The session was getting even better when the lecturers from UCP MARJON, Mr Steve Ansell (Programme Coordinator) and Professor Margaret Nobel (Principal of UCP MARJON) had come to watch the session and at the end of the session, they took the chance to taste the food.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves during this session and the relationship between MARJON family members has been strengthened.


Date/Day   : 5th June 2010/ Saturday

Venue       : Dewan GERKO

The session was held in forum-based form where there were two panel members on the stage who would share their experience with the other parents. The programme coordinator, Mdm Noor Akbari, had kindly volunteered herself to be one of the panel while Kanimoli’s father, Mr Subramaniam, had agreed to be the second panel. Mdm Nori shared her experience on the way of life in the UK and it was also the same with Mr Subramaniam except that he also added his experience when he was in South Korea.  All in all, any ambiguity that arose in everyone had been cleared through this session.


Date/Day   : 5th June 2010/ Saturday

Venue       : Dewan GERKO

At first, many of the parents planned to go back early because they had other important commitment. Surprisingly, some of them managed to stay until the end.  The Head of English Department, Mr Adnan, had given his speech during this session and he was so happy to see most of the parents attended the three-days programme. In addition, Mr Pauze bin Hj Ahmad, Farah’s father, had also given his speech. He really enjoyed being there and had gained new insights that he and other parents had never known before. He also hopes that MARJON 2 students will take care of each other.  AT the end of the session, all of the MARJON 2 students performed the Dikir Barat. Everyone gave big applause to all of them because they seemed to be so energetic and happy although they had just got back from the 14-hours- journey from Negeri Sembilan. In conclusion, this programme had succeeded and achieved its objectives which were basically to give enough exposure to the parents. Everyone has benefited from the programme and it will always be remembered.

As the programme was successfully ended, everyone of us went back with our family..we bade farewell to each other, hoping to see them soon..So that was what I meant with “when farewell was bidden”..

I think that’s all for today…

Before I end today’s post, lets zoom in to the soundtrack of WORLD CUP 2010, Waka Waka by Shakira..

why WAKA WAKA?the reason underlies within the lyric itself…’Waka Waka’ is actually an African word which means “just do it”…it’s not all about the spirit of sports, but determination, unity and believe in God..that’s the recipe to success in ur life..

Lastly, enjoy it…Waka Waka!Bid thee farewell!!

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Secretary of “Program Lambaian Kasih 2010”


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