KL MEET 2010-Another Step Closer to Departure

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone,

After quite some time, marjon 2 blog are here again. There’s some dust need to be wiped.

This entry is written a bit late since there are so many official things need to be settled and me, myself, have personal matters need to be taken care of.

On the 25th to 27th of July 2010, Marjon 2 students and our lecturers, Madam NoorAkbari Ismail Ali and Miss Yusmiza Hanim Yusuf, went toKuala Lumpur to settle some matters regarding our departure in September.

After some discussions and preparations, we met in KL on the 25th of July. Everyone came by their own transportation and Safwan was the leader who need to make sure that everyone arrived safely at IPBA.

25th July 2010

The first group arrived in IPBA was Kelantanese Group. They settled down first and made sure others came to the right hostel to give the key to their respective rooms.

Everyone managed to gather at IPBA around 4 pm. Unfortunately, Madam and Miss Yus had to return to IPKB to fetch some important documents.

We held a meeting in the hostel hall at 9 p.m to check important documents and to fill up the forms for Letter of Good Conduct. Madam and Miss Yus arrived at 9.30 pm-in the middle of the meeting. We greeted them and gave them a warm hug.

We continued our discussion and Madam divided us into groups. Each group waw assigned a task to be completed before going to the next checkpoint- Midvalley.

We finished the discussion around 12 a.m.

26th July 2010

Everyone went to their respective destinations

  • Group 1 went to Police HQ in Bukit Aman to get the Police Clearance Letter. No cameras were allowed into the building so, there were no pictures to be shared
  • Group 2 went to Wisma Putra which is situated in Putrajaya. They went there to submit the forms and get the certificates of good conduct. However, the certificates could only be fetched on the next day due to some reasons.
  • Group 3 were assigned to go to Central Market or Pasar Seni. There were so many things sold at Pasar Seni. It is known as a place that stores all sort of cultural product. It really displays the true heritage of Malaysia.
  • Group 4 were needed to go to Tourist Development Centre. They conducted an interview with the person in charged of the information counter, Puan Mazana. They also toured around the place and snapped some pictures of the landscape in the area.
  • On the other hand, Group 5 went to a very informational place which was Kinokinuya. The place was well-known as a place that sells many books of all types. Group 5 surveyed some of books which are worth to be bought by Marjon 2. Some of the books are:


  • Linguistic: An Introduction by William B.McGregor


    • What Successful Teachers Do by Neal A. Glasgow (RM124.08)


    • Learn Malay in 7 Days by Mohd Ibrahim (RM5.90)
    • The next group went to Craft Cultural Complex. They were very lucky because on that day  there was an exhibition namely “Promosi Kerja Kahwin Kraftangan Malaysia”. There were a lot of booth to be visited and so many beautiful wedding equipments displayed. They interviewed one of the staff from a wedding booth and observed her craft.
    • The last group, Group 7, went to National Museum. They gathered some information about the museum and the displayed items. The gathered information were meant to be put into their reports.

    After we had finished our tasks, we headed to Midvalley for International Film Review. We watched Predators upon our mutual agreement during the discussion last night.

    Although we were so tired after we came back from Midvalley, we held another meeting to discuss about the forms for the next day. It was very important to ensure the next event goes smoothly. We finished our discussion at 2 a.m and agreed to gather at the hostel compound at 6 a.m

    27th July 2010

    When the sun are still ‘sleeping’ in the east, we woke up and gathered at 6 a.m. Some of us went by car and others took public transport, LRT, to go to Wisma M.C.A which situated at Jalan Ampang. We arrived there exactly at 7.40 a.m. There were already people made a queue in front of VFS Global for visa application. We went inside the office one by one and needed to pass the security checking. However, our application was delayed since there were some original documents needed to be fetched from Cyberjaya.

    Our application was resumed at 12 p.m and everything settled nicely at 3.30 pm. Madam and Miss Yus had to leave earlier upon work demand in IPKB. The rest went back to IPBA at 3.45 p.m and checked out from IPBA at 5 pm. We were so happy to see each other again and have no problem with our visa application.

    Then, we greeted each other and headed to our respective destination.

    KL Meet 2010 was indeed one of our challenging trips since the trip was planned via electronic devices and there were no face to face meeting at all.

    breefing by Madam Noorakbari

    ready for the next activities

    Wisma MCA-Visa Application

    at the entrance of VFS Global

    Group 2: Letter of Good Conduct

    checked out from IPBA

    Last but not least, we really thanked Madam Noorakbari, Miss Yusmiza Hanim, Encik Zaki, Mr.Zul, En Zul Tajaan, Director of IPKB and all who have gave us continuous support from the beginning of our foundation course till now. Only God can repay them.

    Till then, SAYONARA!

    P/S: there were not much pictures left since my lappy was formatted

    Reported by,

    • Nik Nursyamimi Zakaria
    • Representative of Documentation and Photos Committee
    • rosyamimi_aadylen@yahoo.com.my

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