Little Angels

Assalamualaikum. It’s me again scribbling on MJ Blog. (sorry:p)

Nothing much- Got some inspiration to write after emailing Madam Nori just now. (miss her and other lecturers)

Little angels.

If i read a book and found this word, the first description about it that comes to my mind would be, those who help others in secret or not noticed by others and without expectation of reward.

For Marjon 2, everyone in IPKB and our families are our little angels. Everyone did the best to see us be able to fly to UK. Pray for our safety. Helping every single thing that they could..

thanks to Miss Yus, Madam Nori and Mr Zul for being our little angels. to be with us in rain or shine. minute or second. day or week. until two years came to send us away for awhile.


See?she hides her wings so that no one notice her as an angel.:)

Miss Yus, Mr Adnan, and our leader-Wan


Our loving dad.


No pic of Mr Zul.:(

It’s okay.I’ll upload in next entry coz he’ll be here with us in Plymouth! Welcome Mr Zul!

(see, he uses his wings to fly to meet us)

Thank You everyone! That the only word we could possibly  say again and again to show our gratitude.

Written by,

  • Nik Nursyamimi bt Zakaria
  • Board and Blog Committee

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