Warmth from Malaysia

Hi everyone.

Pheeww..i just got the chance to update this blog. Although the event that i’m going to tell you is something that had taken place about few days ago, it is okay. right?

In the previous entry, i’ve stated about the presence of Mr Zul in Marjon. All of us were excited to see him and everyone wanted to cook for Mr Zul.

Mr Zul observed some of our classes and also went to a school in Plymouth.

His presence here was short but meaningful. Feel homy for a while.


i think it was The Hoe.




sweet as ever.


*thousands of apology to the owner of previous pictures. no intention to use w/out permission since the pictures was tagged & included under my photos.:)*

The event that some Marjon 2s will join this December.




Thanks for those who read this entry! heart you.

P/S: To En Zul Bahagian Tajaan, semoga menjalani tugas baru dengan jayanya dan saksama. Kerjasama yang pernah terjalin sangat memberi manfaat kepada semua orang. Semoga kehidupan sentiasa diberkati Yang Maha Kuasa

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